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Atlas is:

a team of producers
and audio engineers.


At Your Feet

Jack & Haley Lawson

Artist Spotlight

A word from friends


“It’s not very common to come across a mixing engineer who is also a songwriter and artist. Over the past 15 years making records and watching the mixing process my favorite engineers were the ones who had a musical background. They approached the song like a musician and not just as a mathematician. They listened for a feeling not just a frequency. Ted is one of my favorites with this very ability to stand in both the shoes of the mixing engineer and the artist.” 




Our experience with Atlas exceeded all of our expectations. Ted did an outstanding job calling out our strengths while also helping us work through our weaknesses.

Through that, we were able to create something truly special.

We can’t wait to work on more projects together in the future!

- Jack & Haley Lawson


I’ve had the pleasure of recording at some of the best studios in the US. Jim Henson studios and United studios in Hollywood. Sugar Hill in Houston and many more all over. I’ve worked with Multiple Grammy winning writers and producers by the boat load. I don’t say this to boast. I say it so you will understand me when I say that working with Ted Slaughter has been one of the most impressive and enjoyable studio experiences of my career. His mixing alone is worth working with him but His understanding and flexibility to my vision are what truly impress. On top of that he has the skill to make that vision a reality. I do not make recommendations lightly when it comes to recording a project, but with all my heart I recommend Ted Slaughter. Give him a call and  watch what he can do. 




What we do:

Helping to fuel your music movement.

What We Do


Introducing your new creative haven.
Atlas Studios is a fully customizable, private commercial recording space. We are outfitted with a growing selection of the best in classic and modern recording equipment. As well, we offer vintage and modern musical instruments for instant inspiration, and a tactile experience in a sometimes cold, digital world.


A good song stands strong on its own, but great production gives it a voice. 
At Atlas, our team of producers work diligently to translate the sound in your head into a musical reality. We use the best in creative software and hardware to help you tell your sonic story. Details matter, and we help turn details into a feeling that moves your audience.


A great mix is just as crucial a part of the production process as having a great song. 
At Atlas, in addition to our recording studios, we also have our own in-house mixing studio. Here, our engineers use the best in analog and digital technology to help translate your productions into a moving, breathing, engaging, listening experience for your audience. 


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Atlas is excited to offer our artists the opportunity to have their music mastered by the best, at the most famous studio in the world, Abbey Road Studios in London.

Once you have approved your mix, we facilitate sending it through to the team at Abbey Road so they can finish your record within the same walls as so many legends before. 

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From concept to completion, from idea to iTunes.
Once the production phase of your project is complete, we can help you send it to the world stage. We facilitate distribution to all major streaming and online marketplace platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and everywhere music is bought or streamed. Atlas truly offers a road map to take your project through every step of the production process, and then onward to build your audience, and release the sound in your head.

Let's create something great together

With our in-house production team, commercial recording studio, and strategic creative network, we offer artists everything needed to create the sound in their head;

and then send it to the world stage.

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